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Personalised Lessons

There are many special events throughout the Murray River region, so consider a houseboat for your accommodation when staying in the region. Houseboat hire in South Australia is easy and we even provide you with a personalised lesson once you board your vessel.

Murray River's Water Level

The Unforgettable Fleet operate in the lower section of the Murray River, generally cruising between Murray Bridge and Swan Reach – a 270km return trip.

The section of river between Mannum (our base) to Swan Reach (200km return trip) is the widest and deepest section along the entire Murray. This section also has the highest cliffs and the longest continuous stretches where these sheer majestic cliffs plunge directly into this mighty river and forms a spectacular contrast to the River Red Gums and rich wetland lagoons and backwaters that are generally opposite these very deep sections.

Irrespective of any droughts that frequently occur, this section is always guaranteed to have consistent water levels for houseboating and water sports for 2 main reasons:

  1. The natural width and depth that has evolved through millions of years creating an average depth totally unobstructed over this 220km stretch between 30 to 50 feet (10 to 15 metres).
  2. The control that SA Water (our state water authority) has to maintain a consistent 'pool' level through the lock and weir system South Australia has in place.

So, rest assured a houseboating holiday on an Unforgettable Houseboat (which draws less than 1 metre) in this most spectacular section of river will be just that...Unforgettable.

SA Water website has further information regarding the Murray River system.

Further Information

If you would like to check the availability of your chosen houseboat, please visit Our Houseboats page. You can also contact Unforgettable Houseboats via our website enquiry form or call us on (08) 8569 2559.