Planning your Houseboating Food

There are many options for planning your food depending on your group and what they would prefer. We strongly suggest that you purchase all your food and drinks prior to boarding the houseboat, as you are limited with availability once you head off up the river.

There are many towns along the way with general stores, but they are fairly restricted in the goods they offer – having basic grocery lines, but not enough to rely on for purchasing each day's requirements.

Most groups will sit down together and work out a suggested menu and have one particular group purchase the necessary food in one go. This way the cost is just divided up between the number of people on the houseboat and you're not doubling up on everyday items.

Murray River Holidays Catering

Another option is for each couple or family to be assigned a particular meal(s) for the duration of the trip. This can be quite effective because it spreads the work around and allows everyone the opportunity to participate in mealtimes.

Pre-order your provisions

For a completely hassle-free start to your holiday, why not pre order online your shopping from IGA Fresh here in Mannum. Visit the Mannum IGA Fresh website for further information.

Planning your Houseboating Drinks

Another very important aspect to consider with planning your Murray River Cruise is the purchasing of your drinks. Generally, most people will organise and purchase their own alcoholic drinks as tastes can vary. Common drinks such as milk, juices and soft drink will be included in the grocery shopping, which will be split out amongst the group.

Murray River Cruise

As you cruise along the mighty River Murray, a very popular option with past guests has been the hassle-free ordering facility with the Pretoria Hotel. We provide an order form whereby you can order your required drinks and have them delivered free to your houseboat. If they do not have any drinks on their order form you can request for them to order in for you. Visit the Pretoria Hotel website for further information.

Your drinks will be stored in your ice boxes which are located on the boat (generally 2-3 per boat). We will pack ice into your ice boxes for you depending on your requirements and this cost will be deducted from your security bond at the end of the trip. This leaves the fridge space free for all of your food because it doesn't take long to fill up the fridges with all the food you'll be bringing on for an indulgent holiday!

Murray River Towns

There are many towns to visit along throughout your Murray River cruise. These include, Mannum, Younghusband, Bowhill, Walkers Flat and Swan Reach just to name a few.

Further Information

To find out more about how we can help with optional houseboat extras for your next Unforgettable Holiday, please visit our Optional Extras page.

For further information about planning your trip, please contact Unforgettable Houseboats via our website enquiry form or call us on (08) 8569 2559.